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Information for all our leaseholder and freeholder home owners. If you own one of our homes, outright or with shared ownership, you'll find guidance and support here. 

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As leaseholders and shared owners with Clarion Housing, more of the services you may have previously accessed through will be coming available directly from this website.

Browse these pages for more on staircasing, selling your shared ownership homeresponsibilities and rights plus home improvements and alterations as well as troubleshooting in your new home. You'll also find useful information on our FAQs pages.

Independent advice is also available through the Leasehold Advisory Service.

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What is staircasing?

If you’re a shared owner you can buy more shares in your home through a process called staircasing.

You choose when you staircase. You’ll reduce the rent you pay on the share you don’t own. You get the chance to own your home outright and stop paying rent altogether.

How to staircase in shared ownership

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Do you want to sell your home?

Having already bought a home, you’ll know what’s involved. You’ll understand the importance of being prepared.

Outright owners

You own 100% of your home and you’re able to advertise on the open market with an estate agent.

Good advice is available from on how to sell a home.

Shared owners

Your lease requires that you give us the opportunity to find a suitable buyer for your home within an eight week period before you're able to market your home with an estate agent yourself. 

Selling your shared ownership home

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Responsibilities and rights

Your lease or transfer agreement will tell you what your responsibilities and rights are.

The agreement you signed when you bought your home is a legal document that explains the details. It sets out who the freeholder is, the ground rent payments and the terms of your lease.

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Service charges and rent

As a homeowner you'll need to keep up with mortgage repayments and day-to-day household bills.

There are also other costs to bear in mind when planning your household budget as well.

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Home improvements

Before considering improvements, additions or alterations to your home, check your lease agreement to see what is allowed.

Some alterations need written consent from us before you begin. We also offer guidance on what improvements are and are not taken into consideration when valuing your home to put it up for sale.

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