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Service charges, administration fees and rent

You'll find information here about standard charges and administration fees. Understand what you're obliged to pay and additional costs you might need to pay. Find out where to get more support should you need it.

Your lease, transfer agreement or tenancy agreement sets out your obligations when it comes to charges; such as rent, service charges and administration fees.

Admin fees quick reference

Understanding service charges and ways to pay

Shared owners will find more information to help understand service charges on our pages. 

If you’re having trouble paying your rent visit these pages of for more support.

You can also find out about the simple ways to make payments, including direct debit and using your Clarion online account on our ways to pay pages of


Your rights and obligations

We're required to outline your rights and obligations in relation to administration charges where we're likely to need to demand payment of administration fees.

If you're in any doubt about your rights and obligations you should seek independent advice.

About administration charges

It's an amount which may be payable by you as part of, or in addition to, the rent you pay directly or indirectly:

  • For, or in connection with, the grant of an approval under your lease, or an application for such approval.
  • For, or in connection with, the provision of information or documents.
  • In respect of your failure to make any payment due under your lease.
  • In connection with a breach of a covenant or condition of your lease.
  • If you're liable to pay an administration charge, it's payable only to the extent that the amount is reasonable.

Any provision contained in a grant of a lease under the right to buy under the Housing Act 1985, which claims to allow the landlord to charge a sum for consent or approval, is void.



Home ownership fees for 2024/2025

Administration and other fees are payable by our home owners for specific services or transactions. They're not included as part of any service charges you pay. You may also be liable to cover our legal costs.

Fees are generally payable on application, with some exceptions. On enquiry you’ll be advised what’s payable, when payment is due and if there are any other related fees to be considered.

The table below outlines our fees only, and not any third-party legal fees that may also be required.

Costs are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated.

Reselling with shared ownership

Fee type Charge Payable by
Urban Moves nomination fee* 1.5% plus VAT of share value Homeowner
Clarion Housing Resale team administration fee £180 Homeowner
(if using external estate agent**)
Clarion Housing legal fee £420 Homeowner
Abortive Fee £600 Homeowner
Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), via third-party if required
Approx. £50

*Urban Moves fee only payable if a buyer they nominate completes the purchase of the home.

**An estate agent will also charge their own fee for their marketing services.


Fee type Charge Payable by
RICS-accredited surveyor panel rates £260 Homeowner - quote 'Latimer' on instruction
Administration - purchasing less than 100%
£250 Homeowner
Administration - purchasing 100%
£500 Homeowner
Cancellation - purchasing less than 100% £125 Homeowner
Cancellation - purchasing 100% £250 Homeowner

Pre-sale management pack

Fee type Charge Payable by
Apartment £300 Homeowner
House £180 Homeowner
Additional Enquiries: up to six questions
£150 Homeowner
Nara Building and third party managing agents
£150 Homeowner

Alterations, improvements and purchase of loft space

Fee type Charge Payable by
Minor (some cases require a deed of variation)
£90 Homeowner
Major (will require deed of collateral warranty)
£300 Homeowner
Minor/Major fee +50% Homeowner
Purchase of loft space £250 Homeowner
Deed of collateral warranty From £1,200 Homeowner


Fee type Charge Payable by
Leaseholder consent £90 Homeowner
Shared ownership requests £120 Homeowner

Lease extension

Fee type Charge Payable by
Formal (outright owner leaseholder) £234 Homeowner - on completion
Informal (outright and shared owner leaseholders)
£234 Homeowner - on completion
Shared ownership house: lease extension premium is nil for 50 year extension
£234 Homeowner - on completion

NOTE: Home owners are liable for all legal costs. As well as their own legal costs, this also includes Clarion Housing's legal fee and surveyor fees associated with the lease extension application.

Remortgage pack

Fee type
Charge Payable by
£150 Homeowner
House £90 Homeowner
Additional Enquiries: up to six questions
£150 Homeowner

Transfers and remortgage

Fee type Charge Payable by
Remortgage £60 Homeowner
Transfer of equity £120 Homeowner
Deed of postponement (homebuy remortgage)
£120 Homeowner

Lease enfranchisement (purchase of freehold)

Fee type Charge Payable by
Formal and informal route £300 Homeowner

Notice fees

Fee type Charge Payable by
Notice of transfer £78 Purchaser
Notice or charge: resale £78 Purchaser - on completion
Deed of covenant £78 Purchaser - upon request
Certificate of compliance £60 Purchaser - on completion

Other fees

Fee type Charge Payable by
Deed of variation £234 Homeowner
Release of restrictive covenant
£600 Purchaser (due date TBC)
Homebuy redemption £250 Homeowner

Our administration fee

Fee type Charge Payable by
Administration fee £180 Homeowner