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Staircasing, how to increase the share you own

There are certain conditions that apply to individual circumstances. We’ll help you understand how they apply to you and what the benefits of staircasing are.

How does staircasing work?

It’s the process, exclusive to shared ownership, of buying and owning more shares in your home over a period of time.

Aim to staircase up to 100% and own your home outright.

You can staircase in stages, buying a minimum of 10% in one or more steps to reach outright ownership. Check your lease for details before you get started, in a few locations you may not be able to staircase up to 100%.

The price you pay for additional shares is based on the current market value of your home.


Shared ownership staircasing next steps

It’s always best to be prepared.

We’ll help you understand who you need to speak to and what details you need to gather. When you’re ready you’ll submit a staircasing application form to us.

On receipt of your form we’ll arrange for a RICS valuation (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) to be carried out on your home to determine its current value. You’ll receive a copy of the valuation and you can decide if you wish to proceed.

Valuations are usually valid for three months. The time period to complete staircasing applications is also three months. We'll work with you and your solicitor to complete your application process within this time. If your application does take longer a new valuation may be required. Additional costs will apply to obtain a new valuation.


Things to know about staircasing

You’ll find answers to the questions you may have in our FAQs, including:

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