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Lease, responsibilities and rights

As a homeowner, your lease or transfer agreement contains details of your rights and responsibilities. 

Your solicitor provides you with a copy of your lease or transfer agreement when you complete on your purchase. If you can't find that copy you can request one from the Land Registry.

Homeowners are responsible for repairs within the property. If you bought your home recently you'll have been provided with a home user guide when you first moved in (this applies to new-build shared ownership homes only). It contains information specific to your home. 

What are my responsibilities as a homeowner?

Leaseholders and shared owners are, in general, responsible for:

  • Paying any service charge and rent by the agreed dates.
  • Seeking our written permission before carrying out any major alterations to your home. A link to information on how to do this will be available here soon.
  • Maintaining and repairing the inside of your home, including fixtures and fittings.
  • In the event of major works activity you'll be required to allow our contractors access to your home to carry out any necessary repairs. This will happen with notice (which you'll receive in writing from us) or immediately in an emergency.