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Troubleshooting in your home

Common issues can arise with newly-built homes as they settle. We'll help you to recognise what is a repair or a defect and how to act on them.

Defects, repairs and maintenance

New-build properties sometimes have minor defects.

These tend to be small faults that need fixing after you move in, such as doors that don’t close properly. If these occur within a defects liability period (DLP) the building contractor is responsible for repairing them.

You may be in need of an emergency repair, something like an uncontrollable leak, or it may be something less urgent. Your home user guide provides guidance of who to contact and links from this page will also help you find solutions.

Repairs to communal areas

If you're a leaseholder or shared owner with communal space then your managing agent is responsible for repairs to the block and estates. This may be a third-party managing agent, Latimer or Clarion. Your home user guide contains this information and what your next steps are. If the managing agent for your estate is Clarion you can visit from here and log-in to request a communal repair.

If you're a freeholder, or shared owner living in a house, then you're responsible for everything to do with your home.