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Teams at Latimer

Are you looking for a particular team to help with your questions or queries? Do you need to follow up on an existing enquiry? Here, we outline where to look for useful information and which team can help you.

Staircasing team

Buying more shares in your shared ownership home?

Resales team

Selling your shared ownership home?

Customer Care and Quality team

For reporting urgent and non-urgent issues with your new-build home. Your home user guide, provided when you first moved in, contains useful information and contact numbers specific to your property, including details of your managing agent.

Home ownership team

For advice and instructions when seeking permission and making applications in relation to your home, such as lease extensions, remortgaging or transferring ownership.

Are you in the market to buy a new home?

Browse our homes for sale. Register your interest in one or more of our Developments and a sales adviser will contact you.

Telephone numbers relevant to each site are available on the listings.

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