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Ready to sell your home?

Let’s make sure you have all the information you’ll need before you start your resales instruction.

How to proceed with selling your home

Have you read our guidance on selling your shared ownership home?

You’ll already know that we're required to market your home for four weeks. This is to help us find a suitable buyer who also requires the assistance of shared ownership. We work with Urban Moves to market homes during this nomination period.

To get the process under way you'll need to submit a resales instruction form.

We’ll work to have the sale completed and your buyer moved in to your home within three months.

We’ll support you and your solicitor to achieve this.


EWS1 (external wall system) forms

EWS1 forms only apply to apartments.

In 2020, the government issued revised guidance on building safety standards for homes within apartment blocks. As a result, buildings of any height are now potentially in scope for requiring the EWS1 (external wall system) form devised by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

EWS1 certification requires a new assessment of the building by a qualified, independent professional to establish if the external wall system meets the new fire risk standards, or whether remedial work is needed.

EWS1 forms are not a legal requirement, but some lenders require one before they’ll offer a mortgage. We'll need to know the status of your EWS1 certification before a staircase or resale instruction will be considered.

Check the status of an EWS1 form on your property.

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What happens after I submit my instruction form?

Once we’ve processed your resales instruction form we’ll contact you with details of your dedicated Clarion Resales Executive. We’ll also send your details to Urban Moves.

Urban Moves will then arrange suitable time for a professional photographer to visit your home.

Once your home is on the market, Urban Moves will arrange and accompany potential buyers to your home.


Apply to sell your shared ownership home

If you’re happy you have gathered all the information required to proceed let us know of your intention to sell.

You’ll need to complete the form in one session. There is not an option to save as you progress.

Resales instruction form