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EWS1 Form check request

Find out about External Wall System (EWS) forms and EWS1 certification. If you need to check the status of an EWS1 Form for your property, you can do that here.

What are EWS1 Forms?

The government issued revised guidance on building safety standards for homes within apartment blocks. 

As a result, apartment buildings of any height potentially require the EWS1 (External Wall System) form devised by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

EWS1 certification requires a new assessment of the building by a qualified, independent professional to establish if the external wall system meets the new fire risk standards, or whether remedial work is needed.

EWS1 forms are not a legal requirement, but some lenders require one before they’ll offer a mortgage.

EWS1 form status check request

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