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The information you supply will be used to process your staircasing instruction, and treated in accordance with data protection legislation. We may share this information with our solicitors and surveyors.

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For further details on how your personal information is used, how we maintain the security of your information, and your rights to access information we hold on you, please see our Privacy Notice.

Before you fill in this form, please make sure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions for staircasing.

Please follow our checklist. Your form will not be accepted if details are missing and you'll have to start again.


Staircasing instruction

Please confirm you have read our information on EWS1 forms and made checks as required.Is required

Please read our guidance on EWS1 forms before proceeding. If you are affected, your transaction may be at risk so it is important you have read this before starting.

Your details

Please provide a contact phone number so we can follow up on your staircasing instruction in more detail.

Your property

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Ownership details

The shared ownership lease isIs required

You can add another person to become a legal joint shared owner of your home. Please note that a joint shared owner of your property must be either a British national, a UK permanent resident or have a valid UK work permit/visa.

If your joint owner is not one of the above, you will not be able to add them to your staircasing instruction or to your title deed.

Before providing any information about a joint owner, please ensure you have the other person’s full knowledge and agreement to provide this information.

Do you want to add another person to become a legal joint owner of your home?

Joint applicant’s details

Please provide a phone number for the joint owner as we may need to speak to them regarding this instruction.

The joint applicant has
Have you purchased additional shares since you first purchased your home?Is required
Reason for purchasing additional shares in your homeIs required

Changes or home improvements

Any changes or improvements to your property must be registered with us. You must get consent for all changes or improvements listed below before they're made. If you didn't seek consent, or consent wasn't given, you'll need to supply receipts/invoices as evidence of these changes/improvements.

Have you made any changes or improvements to your property? Is required
Please select the changes or improvements you have made to your property

If you have made any changes or improvements not listed above, please discuss this with the valuer when they visit your property as it may affect your valuation.

Your solicitor details

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Valuation report, proof of identity, address and due diligence

You (and the joint shared owner where applicable) will need to supply proof of identity and address with your staircasing instruction.

Your proof of identification and address must be certified (signed) as true copies by a professional or person well respected within the community (‘of good standing’). For example: A solicitor or notary, a teacher or lecturer, a dentist or doctor, or you can usually have this done at your local post office.

Acceptable formats are PDF, JPG or PNG format. Each file should be no more than 5MB in total.
Please attach your valuation report.
Please attach your certified proof of identity.

We'll accept: the name and photo page of your passport, a current valid driving license or a valid national ID card as proof of your identity.

Please attach your certified proof of your address.

We'll accept: The top of a bank/credit card statement, council tax statement or any utility bill that shows you as living at your address as proof of your address.

How will you pay for your additional shares?

Part of our Anti Money Laundering (AML) due diligence requires us to check the source of funds used in your purchase. So we can do this, please provide us with copies of your last three months of payslips, or last three years of your audited accounts/SA302 forms if you are self employed, and copies of your current account statements for the last three months.

Part of our Anti Money Laundering (AML) due diligence requires us to check the source of funds used in your purchase. So we can do this, we need to understand the source of the funds you are using. Please attach supporting documents, for example: copies of savings account statement, details of a property sale you completed, a letter from a solicitor detailing any inheritance that will be used.