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Service charges and home improvements

We’ll help you find information about charges and rent you’re liable for and what to consider if you’re planning home improvements.


Service charges and rent

Alongside your mortgage repayments, there are also other charges that you need to pay.

These include ground rent, rent and service charges.

Check your lease or transfer agreement

Details specific to your property are set out in your lease or transfer agreement. This agreement is the best source of information to answer questions you may have specific to your home. Topics covered include:

  • Net rent and ground rent.
  • Service charges and what is covered by your payments.
  • How your service charges are calculated.
  • What happens if your service charge is not paid.
  • How to challenge your service charge.
  • Details of how to contact your managing agent. This may be Latimer, Clarion Housing or an external managing agent.
  • Section 20 consultation requirements.

Your home user guide

Our customer home experience team shares a comprehensive home user guide with new owners. It’s designed to help you settle into your new home. It provides information on the finishes, appliances and warranties. The guide is there for quick reference in the event you require advice. It helps to resolve common issues and explains what to do if you need to report something. Keep it somewhere handy.

Home improvements

As a homeowner you might want to make alterations to your home at some point.

Some improvements may be subject to certain conditions, planning permission and other regulations. Whether or not your home is within the initial new-build warranty period may also impact on your plans.

You shouldn't start significant work before you've gained permission to carry out your intended improvements.

Leaseholders: If you do begin work without first gaining permission, under the terms of your lease, you may be made to put your home back to its original state at your own expense. A request in writing should be sent to your landlord. Details of who to contact are in your lease agreement. Further guidance is also in your home user guide. The ability to raise a request online, that you may have previously accessed through, will shortly be available from this website.

Freeholders: check the terms of your transfer agreement for any particular details that may have an impact on your plans. Guidance on applying for planning permission can be found at

Alterations taken into account when valuing a home:

  • Installation of central heating.
  • Double glazing.
  • Newly fitted kitchen or bathroom.
  • Added loft extension, conservatory, porch, garage or car port, driveway with dropped kerb.
  • Installing cavity wall insulation.

It's your responsibility as the leaseholder to declare the improvements at the point you're seeking a valuation. You’ll also need to supply evidence such as receipts and/or before-and-after pictures.

Alterations not accepted when valuing a home:

  • Redecoration; internal or external.
  • Floor coverings.
  • Fitted wardrobes.
  • New fencing.
  • Landscaping of gardens.
  • Replacing a boiler.
  • Rewiring or plumbing.
  • Exterior rendering.
  • Lease extension to ensure lease does not expire.
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