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The Cocoa Works exterior view of development area, York,  North Yorkshire.

The Cocoa Works

A unique development of one, two and three bedroom apartments and penthouses, set within the iconic Rowntree’s Factory. Overlooking York’s iconic landmarks and the surrounding countryside.

My grandad Herburt worked in the engineers shop, alongside two of his sons. My dad worked in the Elect block all his life until he died in 1975. Two of my sisters also worked in the Cream department. I started in 1956, in the Packing and Stores first then went into the Fire Brigade. I took early retirement as Station Officer in 1992. We still live in an ex company house, which we moved in to in 1965.

Michael Hodgson |

Former Rowntree Factory employee


Built by Joseph Rowntree in the early 1890s, this was York’s famous ‘Garden Factory’. A place where open space and education facilities supported the wellbeing of factory workers and their families.

We have revitalised gardens and communal space. There is an onsite coffee shop and grocery shop for both residents and the wider community. Just some of the ways in which The Cocoa Works will create jobs and services for local residents.

Throughout the consultation and planning process, Latimer has engaged with The Rowntree’s Society, the local community and past employees of the Rowntree’s Factory. We have gained a better understanding of the significance this beloved building has on the community and the ways in which it can be brought back to life to serve those communities.

The Cocoa Works lounge, York, North Yorkshire.

The site

Situated on the edge of York city centre, the iconic factory laid dormant for more than a decade until it was acquired by Latimer in 2018.

Sales began in autumn 2020 with the opening of the marketing suite and anticipated show home launch. The former factory will open its doors once more to its new homeowners in autumn 2022.

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The Cocoa Works, external view of development and communal patio area, York,  North Yorkshire.

Real links with the past is what makes The Cocoa Works a very special project for Latimer. With great care, we’re re-establishing a community and giving fresh life to a heritage building that’s been the soul of York for more than 130 years.

Richard Cook |

Group Director of Development for Latimer by Clarion Housing Group