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merrielands, communal area cgi, dagenham

Land opportunities

Securing best value and delivering new homes. Working with land owners, business and community.

Land and planning

We purchase sites to allow us to build new homes and communities at scale.

We are committed to building good quality homes to play our part in tackling the UK's housing challenge.

Our sale programme includes schemes solely for private sale as well as securing development opportunities that include a mixture of tenures such as shared ownership and First Homes, social and affordable rent, build-to-rent and student accommodation. We meet the needs of the location. 

Our strategic land team considers land opportunities that may not gain planning for several years. Our immediate land team is interested in locations that are already recognised by a local authority.

We deliver space for new homes

We work collaboratively with individual land owners and companies to secure the best value for each site and deliver policy-compliant affordable homes.

Our success is delivered through close working relationships with our commercial and local authority partners. We make a difference, in line with government objectives, by utilising land released to us by Homes England.

We acquire land

With our sights focused on sites in London, the south west, south east, east, west midlands and Greater Manchester we’re buying land for immediate development as well as considering sites that can be built on in the longer term.

Land and planning FAQs