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A trio of friends celebrating with their hands in the air towards a sunset on the horizon

House hunting with best friends

Consider joining forces with a trusted friend to make home ownership a reality. Sharing the investment not only halves the financial burden but also doubles the joy of owning a property.

Is home ownership on your own feeling out of reach?

The idea of buying a home on your own can be daunting and feel financially out of reach. You're not alone.

Have you considered buying with a trusted friend?

With a friend by your side, you can split the mortgage payments, utility bills, and maintenance costs, making home ownership more affordable and manageable. Plus, you'll have built-in company and support as you navigate the exciting journey of owning a home.

Whether you're buying a property outright or with shared ownership, embarking on that adventure with a friend will offer built-in company and support as you navigate the exciting journey of owning a home.

Don't let the solo path to home ownership hold you back; explore the benefits of buying together and turn your dream into a reality.

Don't just take our word for it

Best friends Emma and Rebecca knew they wanted to buy with shared ownership. But the only way they could get started was to join forces and go for it together.

“We had both been saving but didn't have enough for a deposit on our own and didn't want to waste money on rent. Here at Liberty Wharf, we pay less than we would if we were renting in London, even with the bills and service charge."

The friends bought 25% of their two bedroom apartment at Liberty Wharf. They contributed £10,000 each.

Rebecca explains: “It’s quite strange that we haven’t known each other very long, but it works brilliantly. We’re enjoying having our own place to call home. We have different days off as well as lives outside of work, which means there’s always plenty to chat about when we’re at home at the same time.”

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Friends Emma and Rebecca outside in the communal gardens of the apartment at Liberty Wharf they bought together

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