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Friends Emma and Rebecca walking outside Liberty Wharf, where they bought an apartment together

Shared ownership doesn't mean sharing… but you can

Friends Emma and Rebecca saved and saved, but couldn't quite raise enough for a deposit of their own. So they joined forces. They're now proud joint owners of a 25% share of an apartment at Liberty Wharf, with plans for the future.

Seizing the opportunity

Having met in the staff room at work just one year before they decided to buy a first home together, good friends Emma (25 years old) and Rebecca (30 years old) have recently moved into a spacious two-bedroom apartment at Liberty Wharf in Alperton. Emma explains: “We got on instantly and quickly realised that it could be a fantastic opportunity to get onto the property ladder.

"We were both frustrated to still be living with our parents and buying individually was going to be a stretch."

Taking matters into their own hands, the two friends, who both work as croupiers in a London casino and were living at home with their families in Kent and Essex, began their search. Rebecca adds: “We had both been saving but didn't have enough for a deposit on our own and did not want to waste money on rent. Here at Liberty Wharf, we pay less than we would if we were renting in London, even with the bills and service charge."

Benefits for Emma and Rebecca

  • A more central location and a less than a 30 minute commute. 
  • Equal size bedrooms and two parking spots.
  • Enjoying the Grand Union Canal for exercise and leisure. 
  • Instead of renting, both were able to get onto the property ladder. 

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What is shared ownership?

Prioritising size and location

When choosing their home, it boiled down to two priorities for Rebecca and Emma; location and bedroom sizes. Sharing the home together meant they needed equal-sized bedrooms and a bathroom each. They also wanted a reasonable commute.

Rebecca explains: “Being in Kent or Essex would have meant very expensive train fares and petrol bills. Here we can whizz straight to work on the Piccadilly line in about 30 minutes or drive to work in just 25 minutes.”

They also found that most two-bedroom homes have large master bedrooms and much smaller second bedrooms. However, at Liberty Wharf they found two equal-sized rooms as well as two parking spaces, making it an ideal choice for their situation.

Friends Emma and Rebecca in the kitchen of the apartment at Liberty Wharf they bought together

Shared ownership was a great option for us as it was proving impossible to do it alone. Using the scheme also meant we could hold back a cushion within our savings which we were really thankful for.”

Rebecca at Liberty Wharf

Living and leisure

With Brent Cross and Westfield both short car journeys away, Rebecca and Emma are making the most of the shops and familiarising themselves with Alperton and its surroundings. “We began researching options in October and moved in in March. We were kept busy, putting flat-pack furniture together and getting to know the area. We love walking and running down The Grand Union Canal which runs right in front of the development. There’s always something of interest here; the pretty barges and long boats that pass through are wonderful."

An equal share

The friends bought 25% of their property, contributing £10,000 each. Rebecca concludes: “It's quite strange that we haven't known each other very long, but it works brilliantly. We're enjoying having our own place to call home and we have different days off, as well as lives outside of work... there's always plenty to chat about when we're at home at the same time.”

Friends Emma and Rebecca outside in the communal gardens of the apartment at Liberty Wharf they bought together

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