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Latimer, Crescent Gardens, Croydon, home owners Tharindu and Varsha in their lounge

First-time buyers discover new neighbourhood at Crescent Gardens

Read about Tharindu and Varsha's experience buying their first home with shared ownership at Crescent Gardens, East Croydon.

A positive start to married life

Six months ahead of their wedding day, Tharindu (31) and Varsha (26) moved from their individually rented homes into a brand-new two-bedroom apartment at Crescent Gardens in East Croydon. Both civil servants, the couple bought their first home with shared ownership and have reduced their combined monthly outgoings by a third as a result.

Reduced outgoings and planning ahead

Previously renting, Varsha and Tharindu were collectively spending around £2,300 per month on rent and household bills. This outgoing has been replaced with a monthly total of £1,850 which includes their mortgage, rent and service charge. 

The convenient location and the comfort of their brand-new home has confirmed to Tharindu and Varsha that there’s nowhere else they’d rather be. They therefore plan to increase the share of the apartment that they own, which in turn would decrease the amount of rent they pay each month. If they staircase to 100%, they’d become outright owners and pay no rent. 

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What is staircasing?

Benefits for Tharinda and Varsha

  • Combined monthly outgoings reduced by one third.
  • Four-minute walk to East Croydon station.
  • Straightforward commute for Thiranda, East Croydon to Westminster in 20 minutes.
  • Convenient location, access to amenities within walking distance.
  • Comfort of living in and owning their own home.
  • Tharinda and Varsha reserved their preferred plot off-plan.

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Not only are we spending notably less each month on bills, but we actually own a home now, which feels very different. We bought a 25% share of the apartment ... we know for sure that we want to stay here long term. It’s such a brilliant location and we plan to staircase when we can.


New views to enjoy

From their corner plot apartment on the fifth floor at Crescent Gardens, Tharindu and Varsha have a 180-degree view of the area through large windows which span across the apartment from the living area to the bedroom.

With a large private balcony, two resident rooftop gardens and two further podium gardens on lower levels, there is also no shortage of outdoor space. Tharindu comments: “We managed to reserve this particular home early on, just before the build was actually complete. We love taking in the views outside."

Latimer, Crescent Gardens, Croydon, home owners Tharindu and Varsha on the rooftop garden

Working from home

Varsha set up the second bedroom as an office, from which she works five days a week. She comments: “The apartment inside is lovely and quiet and there are plenty of options for me when I want to take a break. I can take a walk to the shops or just step out onto one of the gardens.” 

Decorating freedom

Decorating and furnishing their new home has also been a brilliant experience and the couple are also excited about having their own space to entertain.

Incredible support from Latimer

Varsha and Tharindu moved into their apartment within three months of viewing it and were extremely grateful for the support they received from Latimer during the process. Varsha concludes: “The sales executives have been incredible. It didn’t feel like they were just selling us a home; they held our hands throughout and we really appreciated all their advice and encouragement. We can honestly say that their guidance made the experience feel easy and we know we made the right decision to move here.”

Latimer, Crescent Gardens, Croydon, home owners Tharindu and Varsha on the balcony

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