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Buying a new-build can save energy and money

We want you to keep the faith in your home-buying prospects. The new-build homes we develop are built with energy-efficiency in mind, which can help reduce everyday costs. Read on to find out what we’ve discovered to give you something to look forward to.

Advantages of buying new-build

At Latimer, we know how hard it is for first-time buyers to get that leg-up into property ownership. The prospect of owning your own home can feel even more out of reach at the moment. Pretty much everywhere on the planet is facing a cost of living crisis.

We took a dive into the detail of a few of our Latimer home buyers. We found some positive examples of real-life savings to share, that may give you some cheer.

Customer A will make a yearly saving of £1,493

Current circumstances A Latimer home
Lives in a mid-terrace house Buying a detached house
Total floor area of 80sqm Total floor area of 94sqm
Current energy rating = E New energy rating = B
Estimated space heating usage = 14329kWh per year Estimated space heating usage = 3781kWh per year
Estimated water heating usage = 1305kWh per year Estimated water heating usage = 1705kWh per year
Estimated yearly cost = £1,911 Estimated yearly cost = £418

Customer B will make a yearly saving of £886

Current circumstances A Latimer home
Lives in a semi-detached bungalow Buying a semi-detached house
Total floor area of 81sqm Total floor area of 89sqm
Current energy rating = E New energy rating = B
Estimated space heating usage = 17003kWh per year Estimated space heating usage = 2981kWh per year
Estimated water heating usage = 2142kWh per year Estimated water heating usage = 1679kWh per year
Estimated yearly cost = £1,275 Estimated yearly cost = £389

Keep your home-buying dreams alive

Our homes are built with energy efficiency in mind. Comparing the energy efficiency of where you live at the moment to that of a brand new home of your own may be just the tonic you need to keep your home-buying dreams alive. If you’re not responsible for paying your bills at the moment, have a chat with your family – they’re likely to be able to add some perspective for you.

Latimer for sale sign outside a house

The rise of modern construction methods, combined with contemporary features in new Latimer homes, can lead to the reduction of everyday energy costs. A typical Latimer home may include energy-efficient features as standard such as A+ rated integrated appliances, on-site energy centres and even triple-glazing.

We can't forget that buying a home is a huge financial and emotional investment in the first place. But it's a decision that's for the long-term. Thinking to the future the circumstances of these two customers demonstrate some day-to-day savings to be made through buying an efficient new-build property.

Asta at Castle Hill by Latimer

Asta trades converted monastery for lower living costs and increased comfort

In April 2022, Australian-born Asta decided to put down permanent roots in Kent. Spurred on by rising energy costs, the move meant Asta would be leaving behind the draughty rooms and thin airy windows of her Grade II listed converted monastery that she had been renting for nearly seven years. Asta is now enjoying her new home – a 35% share of a two bedroom house at our Castle Hill development in Ebbsfleet – and she has been won over by the comfort and convenience of her energy-efficient new-build.

Asta loved the character of her old home, but was less enamoured with the cold winters and high running costs, explaining: “It’s crazy going from a property in which I was always freezing to one where I’m almost too warm! My previous home was very draughty. This house is really well-built and it makes such a difference to have double glazing and modern insulation – it’s so much more comfortable.” Due to the higher EPC rating, Asta has noticed a significant saving in her energy bills: “By the time I left, I was paying around £500 each month to refill the oil tank that gave me hot water and heating. Here I have a direct debit of £126 for my energy bills and have been way under that each month."

Buying with shared ownership meant that Asta could get onto the ladder sooner: “This way I can work towards owning the property and I plan to buy more shares in two years’ time. It’s working out at about the same price as where I was before, but is a much better long-term investment for me."

Latimer builds with

Efficiency in mind

Buying a brand-new home of your own is a huge commitment. There are immediate benefits to look forward to, but there are also long-term advantages to keep in mind. Keep yourself well informed at every stage and you’ll find the right fit for you.

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