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Home ownership permissions

You'll find details and processes here for seeking permission for certain things you may want to do in or to your home. Each type of enquiry has different requirements.

We charge non-refundable administration fees for reviewing your lease and progressing applications. Find out more about these charges on our Service charges, fees and rent page.

On this page you'll find information on: keeping pets, running a business from home, subletting options, remortgaging and transfer of ownership for shared owners, buying the freehold and extending your lease.

Keeping pets

If you live in a house, you’re normally able to have pets. If you live in an apartment you'll need to seek permission from us.

We recognise the importance of pets to their owners, including their positive impact on wellbeing. We'll not unreasonably refuse permission without good reason. However, there are some homes we may not be able to approve. This could be apartments in tall buildings or homes where we're not your freeholder.

Running a business from home

You'll need permission from us. The terms of your lease may only permit that your home is only for residential purposes. Even if your lease doesn't prevent you from running a business from home, consider if it will affect your mortgage agreements and any insurance.

Homeowners are responsible for ensuring that their business complies with all regulations, legislation and standards relevant to the type of business. We won't accept responsibility where a business fails to comply with these requirements. 

Where a business is related to childcare we'll ask for more information to confirm that the person running the business is appropriately registered. We won’t permit any signage relating to the business to be affixed to our property.

We'll need the full details of your planned business use, the hours of operation, level of noise and how much you think it could impact on your neighbours.

Subletting your home

All leaseholders are advised to check lease agreements if you're considering subletting your home. As the home owner, there are many responsibilities to consider.

People with shared ownership don't generally have the right to sublet, but please read our guidance for more information.


Remortgaging - for shared owners

If you're changing lender your new mortgage offer must be approved by us prior to the remortgage taking place.

There'll be a fee for processing the new Notice of Charge. This is in addition to our non-refundable administration fee. The Notice of Charge fee and documentation are required in advance for enquiries to be processed.

We can't consent to remortgage with additional borrowing for debt consolidation. The terms of your shared ownership lease only allows further borrowing for the purchase of additional shares, home improvements or if one joint leaseholder wishes to purchase the interest in the lease of the other joint leaseholder.

It's a condition of your lease that your property is kept in good repair. Essential repairs won't be taken into financial consideration if you purchase further shares in your property.

If you're simply changing to better rates and staying with the same mortgage provider we don't charge a fee.

Transfer of ownership - for shared owners

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Buying the freehold - for leaseholders

Not applicable to shared owners.

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Extending your lease

For leaseholders and shared owners.

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